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Lifecycle hooks

Lifecycle hooks are functions that lets you run a block of codes when your component triggers a lifecycle event.

Available hooks

  • com components
  • dir directives
onInit() comThe first hook to run when the component is initialized.
beforeViewInit() comThis will be called before the view is build as dom elements.
afterViewInit() com dirThis will be called after the view is built as dom elements.
onChangeDetection() com dirThis is called every time the component's change detection runs.
onViewChange() com dirThis will be called every time there are changes in view caused by change detection.
onDestroy() com dirThis will be called when a component is destroyed. This is used for cleanup like unsubscribing all subscriptions.
adoptedCallback() comp dirA native web component hook. Called when a component is moved from one HTML document to another using the adoptNode(). This happens when we have <iframe> elements in a page.
attributeChangedCallback(name: string, oldValue: any, newValue: any) com dirA native web component hook. Called when an observed attribute has been added, removed or changed.
onPropsChange() comCalled when there are changes to component's props.

Hooks usage

Here are some examples on how to use the hooks in component, service and directive

In component

import { component, onInit, onDestroy } from '@monster-js/core';

export function greeting() {

onInit(this, () => {
console.log('I am in onInit hook');

onDestroy(this, () => {
console.log('I am in onInit hook');

return <h1>Greeting<h1>

component(greeting, 'app-greeting');

In directive

import { directive, afterViewInit, onDestroy } from '@monster-js/core';

export function highlight(arg: AllDirectivesArg) {

afterViewInit(this, () => {
console.log('Hi!, I am in afterViewInit hook');

onDestroy(this, () => {
console.log('Hi!, I am in onDestroy hook');


directive(highlight, 'highlight');