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Custom Pipes

Custom pipes allow us to create reusable value transformers that can be used directly in the template or in logic of our components.

Create a pipe

To create a custom pipe, we can use the cli to automatically generate a pipe file with boilerplate codes or we can manually create a file and write the code from scratch.

The following code is an example of a working pipe codes but without functions yet.

import { pipe } from '@monster-js/core';

export function lowercase(value: any, args: any[]): any {
return value;

pipe(lowercase, 'lowercase')

In the example above, the lowercase(value, args) function will do the transformation of the value and what ever this function returns will be the transformed data.

valueThe value to be transformed.
argsThe parameters of the pipe when used in the template or in logic.


import { pipe } from '@monster-js/core';

export function lowercase(value) {
return value.toLowerCase();

pipe(lowercase, 'lowercase')