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Change detection

Change detection is a way to synchronize the data between component's logic and view. It triggers when we set a value to a state and manually call the detectChanges function.

Setting a state

We can create a state using useState function. Please see state documentation for more information about the state.


import { component, useState } from '@monster-js/core';

export function counter() {

const [count, setCount] = useState(this, 0);

setInterval(() => setCount(count() + 1), 1000);

return <h1>{count()}</h1>

component(counter, 'app-counter');

In the example above, we set a new value of the state using the setCount function and this will trigger change detection.

Manually trigger change detection

In some cases, we may need to manually trigger change detection of a component.

To manually trigger change detection we just need to call the detectChanges function and pass the this context as argument.


import { component, detectChanges } from '@monster-js/core';

export function counter() {

setInterval(() => detectChanges(this), 1000);

return <h1>{new Date()}</h1>

component(counter, 'app-counter')