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MonsterJS cli helps developers to create a working application out of the box. It has many useful commands like generating files for our MonsterJS app.


It is recommended to use node version 16 to use the CLI better. There are some issues for lower version.

To install the cli we just need to run the following command:

npm install -g @monster-js/cli

After installing the cli, we can verify if the installation is successful by running the following command:

mn --version

If the installation is successful it should display the version of the MonsterJS cli installed in your machine.

We can find help with the cli using the mn --help command.

After installing the cli, we can now start creating our new MonsterJS project by running this command:

mn new my-app

The syntax of the command above is mn <command> <project name> where "new" is the command and "my-app" is the project name.