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Intro to unit testing

Unit testing is a way to verify that individual units of source code are working as expected. MonsterJS provides a testing tools found in @monster-js/tester package. Unit testing in MonsterJS uses karma test runner and jasmine testing framework.


To install this package we just need to run the following command:

npm install --save-dev @monster-js/tester

Now we can import the testing tools in our .spec.ts files.

Test files

The test files in MonsterJS ends with .spec.ts extension. All files that ends with this extension are used during testing and should not contain any production codes. An example of this test files can be found in a component folder when we generate a component using mn generate component command.

├── greeting.component.tsx
├── greeting.component.scss
└── greeting.component.spec.ts

Here is an example of a working unit test for a component.

import { greeting } from './greeting.component';
import { componentTester } from '@monster-js/tester';

const tester = componentTester(greeting);

it('should create a component', function() {
const { host, element, shadowRoot } = tester.createComponent();

Upcoming features

  • Support for testing services
  • Support for testing directives
  • Support for testing pipes
  • Support for testing modules
  • Support for testing store
  • Support for testing routes